Why I Built A Better Way Wellness

From struggle & experience came the solution

As I rounded out my twenties, I knew there was something off.

On the surface things looked shiny. I lived in a fashionable part of town in a snappy condo with my loving husband, worked as a professor at a top 10 school for my discipline, and had a group of genuinely wonderful friends.

But something felt off. My body felt strange to me. Sure, I thought I was eating the “right” things (boy was I wrong) and completing vigorous exercise almost daily and sometime twice daily. But my weight was creeping up, my arms and stomach felt more than a little doughy, my skin was breaking out, my anxiety level was increasing, and my glow and energetic disposition were dulling. Something was wrong.

I religiously went to exercise classes; even started teaching them at one of the top studios in the area. My eating was rigid. I cringe when reminiscing about the anxiety I felt when traveling or eating out. Will the foods be “whole”? Should I just order a salad? Will I feel puffy tomorrow? Is there gluten/egg/soy/offender of the month in it?

One day when my usual pants felt unusually snug, I had a transformative realization.

There has to be a better way.

My mind and body were not at peace. All the time, effort, and stress that went into my so-called wellness plan were for wont. I was working harder and getting worse. Something needed to change.

As a trained healthcare provider with scientific curiosity, I knew how to truly and objectively research and find answers. Not through google (though I love me some google) or testimonials or women’s “health” magazines. Not the guidelines published by the government or products sold by fitness “experts.” Through good old evidence-based research with a holistic framework.

What I found was shocking. Many of the beliefs I held about wellness were off base. What I had been taught in school, by friends, and by other healthcare providers was wrong. What I had been doing was not helping me — and in some ways hurting me.

Once armed with this newly acquired knowledge I took action. I took best practices in nourishment, movement, and mindfulness and applied them in my life. I made dramatic changes and went all in.

Immediately I felt better. Happier. Healthier. Lighter. I lost weight without trying. My fixation on food waned. My skin improved. My clothes became looser and more comfortable. I was eating more, but of health promoting foods that tasted delicious and left me energized and nourished. I was moving more, but in ways that did not seem like work and that left me feeling appropriately exerted. I was practicing mindfulness regularly and found that it actually created more time and space in my life.

My husband, always a skeptic, was convinced and got on board. His experience mimicked mine. In fact, he couldn’t believe how much more energy he felt.

A close family member was diagnosed with high blood pressure and wanted to avoid medications.  I created comprehensive wellness plans for him and his wife. They included meal plans, grocery lists, movement recommendations, and mindfulness exercises. His blood pressure decreased to goal, he lost 35 pounds over a year without trying, and ultimately felt better. He felt well.

Friends and other family members wanted to know more. And little by little I began to help them. Help them find a better, smarter, happier, and healthier way to wellness.

Then the voice that prompted me to discover a better way started encouraging me to share my knowledge with as many people as I could. To people who wanted real, truthful, evidence-based methods for their wellness. People that were tired of trying new diets and exercise regimens that left them more stressed and often less healthy than when they started. People that desired a better way.

And that is why I created A Better Way Wellness. Why I moved away from a traditional career and toward helping people in the purest form I know. This is my passion. My mission. My life’s work. To inspire, encourage, and educate. To help others find their better way. A holistic and transformative way that promotes wellness while being sustainable.

A way that is my privilege to share with you in the form of A Better Way Wellness.

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