The Best Sunscreens of 2018

You asked and I answered.

After last week’s post on The Best and Worst Sunscreen Ingredients, you had some great questions.

The most common question I received was which sunscreen I personally use. And I usually don’t post about specific products.

But because this is SUCH an important and timely (given the change in seasons and Memorial Day Weekend) topic, I am sharing my favorite sunscreens for 2018.

They vary in price and availability. What they have in common is they all:

  • contain the best active sunscreen ingredient
  • have high concentrations of zinc oxide
  • are free from endocrine disruptors (as of May 2018)
  • are SPF 30 or so.

Disclaimer: I have NO financial relationships with any companies mentioned. These are products I personally buy, use, and recommend.

So I’ll cut to the chase!

Here are my favorite sunscreens for 2018.

Best Face + Body Sunscreen for Your Wallet & the Environment ($)


Raw Elements makes high quality and affordable sunscreen options for body and face. Their body sunscreens apply like a dream and their tinted facial sunscreen is great if you want your sunscreen to offer some coverage. You can find these products on Amazon or at

Raw Elements uses zinc oxide and is certified as safe for all ages, reef safe, and biodegradable.

Best Spray Sunscreen ($ to $$)


Spray sunscreens can be quick and convenient to apply. The problem is most options do not contain zinc oxide, the best broad spectrum sunscreen.

Babo Botanicals is a natural line that produces “sheer” zinc oxide sunscreens for adults and babies alike. I prefer their fragrance-free offerings. Babo Botanicals is fairly priced and can be purchased on their website (if you sign up for their newsletter, you can get a coupon code for 25% off your first purchase) and at other retailers (such as Whole Foods and Pharmaca).

Best Baby Sunscreen ($)


Badger makes a baby sunscreen that is simple and gentle for babies (and adults). This product is 18.75% non-nano zinc oxide and applies easily. It contains moisturizing ingredients and is reef-friendly.

Badger products can be found at some natural grocers. However, you can always find them at

Happy Sunscreen Purchasing

Good luck finding the perfect sunscreen. You still have a week to find something great before Memorial Day Weekend!

In health and (sunburn-free) happiness,