Healthy Holiday Mocktail

Happy holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else entirely, the holiday season is upon us.

And who doesn’t love a specialty drink to celebrate?

Whether you are hosting or heading to someone else’s fete, having a specialty drink to share is a festive way to celebrate.

Most specialty drinks (cocktail or mocktail) may taste good, but are filled with artificial colors (many of which are known carcinogens) and high fructose corn syrup (linked to ADHD, type 2 diabetes, and obesity).

The solution? My pomegranate spritzer — an easy, delicious, and homemade alternative that uses 100% pure fruit juice and a touch of natural sweetener.

Because I know this is a busy time of year for you, I’m getting right to the recipe.

Cheers and happy holidays!