How to Buy the Best Multivitamin for YOU


Based on the number of questions I’ve received in the last two weeks, I can tell you want more guidance on multivitamins.

So in addition to my intro post on multivitamins and my list of favorite multis, I made you a special treat.

Why? Because I want to make sure you are aren’t wasting your money on a multivitamin that doesn’t work for you. Because it’s the season for giving. Because I want to help you create a life imbued with wellness.

So what’s the special treat? It’s a downloadable Multivitamin Guide that will help you pick the perfect multivitamin.

My exclusive Multivitamin Guide will:

  • Teach you multivitamin basics

  • Cover 6 things you NEED to know before buying a multivitamin

  • Give you a checklist to find a high-quality multivitamin that suits you and your individual needs

This guide is my gift to you as a way to thank you for being part of the A Better Way Wellness community.

All I ask is you share it with friends, family, colleagues, or anyone you think you benefit from the information. Because we’re all about paying it forward around here.

Ready for your gift? Click HERE or the image below to access the Multivitamin Guide for Adults.

Sending you health & happiness,

My (Vulnerable) Confession

I have a confession to make. Something I kept under wraps for years, only revealing to my friends and family I’m closest with.

Here it is: I’m a holistic healthcare provider. I believe in holistic medicine — a form of wellness that integrates body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the quest for optimal health.  

And this is something I kept hidden for years.

Because in my early career and professional environment, being holistic was not embraced. In fact, it was scorned.

Judgmental comments were (and still are) made by my colleagues about people who looked to a mind-body-spirt connection for healing and health. Hurtful words like “quack”, “crazy”, and “granola” were used.

And early in my career, I tried to convinced myself that the status quo was right. The status quo thought the mind and body were separate, that lab-made was better than nature-made, that medications were the answer for everything, that people were too lazy or not smart enough to make healthy choices.

But deep down I knew the status quo was wrong.


My given name is Skye and most folks assume my parents were hippies. This makes me giggle because my parents were most definitely not hippies. But they were open and taught me to question assumptions and the status quo. They taught me to seek truth, even if it wasn’t popular or easy. And I am forever grateful for all they taught me.

As a child I had a natural interest in holistic wellness. I have vivid memories of playing in the garden, selecting samples of various plants, and mixing them up into potions. After playing in the sprinklers, I would mix mud with rose petals and slather my body with my homemade concoction. At McDonald’s, I was the kid who ordered salads instead of Happy Meals. Because I intuitively knew what was good and healthy.

Then like velcro, other people’s ideas, opinions, and wills stuck to me. As a teenager, I fell deep into the rabbit hole of “diet” foods and the “low fat” craze. I started using heavily fragranced and chemical-laden self care products. Essentially, I disconnected from my intuition and tried to be “healthy” based on other people’s assumptions and corporate marketing.

And it literally took years of research, reflection, and intuition to carefully remove all the junk that was stuck to me.


I knew, through both legitimate research and personal experience, that a holistic approach to health made sense. So I learned as much as I could — reading articles, taking courses, gaining certifications.

Then I started to speak up. Started to offer alternative suggestions and treatments. Began sharing my knowledge. Writing what I knew.

At the time, my stable and well-paying professional job was at odds with what I knew was right. So I left it. Even though my husband is finishing his fellowship and we are expecting our first child this year. Even though there were hundreds of reason to keep going with the status quo.

Because I knew I needed to share what I knew in my own way.


After my leap into the unknown, I experienced a dynamic shift. People were interested. Colleagues, patients, and even publishers. I was asked to speak on prevention and integrative health. Journalists asked my opinion for articles. Writing opportunities came my way.


In fact, just today I was invited to speak at the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine’s annual meeting. Which I am totally pumped and grateful for! This is a conference that professionals I greatly respect and admire speak at. Last year Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Mark Hyman were both speakers (aka people that are a BIG deal and are changing the traditional Western approach to medicine). I can hardly believe it.

I am so incredibly thankful for the support, encouragement, and love I’ve received thus far on my journey. Lovely mentors, colleagues, and readers like you have made my dream a reality.

Full disclosure here: There were those who were less enthused. Those who wondered why I went into pharmacy if my goal was to keep people from needing medicine. Others thought what I was trying to do was pointless — that Americans are too apathetic to take charge of their wellness.

To these people: I respectfully disagree with you.

There is legitimate scientific evidence to support a holistic approach to wellness. I believe many people want to change and take charge of their health. But they need guidance, mentorship, support, and inspiration. And that should be the role of the healthcare provider.

To be clear, I believe there is a place for medicine. There are times and circumstances where the benefits of medication far outweigh the risks. I’m not the person that thinks medication and traditional medicine is inherently bad. I have the experience and knowledge to know this is true. But I believe medication should not be the first option — that in most cases there are holistic approaches that can be used first or in conjunction with traditional western approaches.

While my approach is not as popular (or profitable) as the status quo, I am comfortable and at peace with my stance. Because, as my parents taught me, I follow truth wherever it leads. Even if it leads me somewhere unpopular and a bit uncomfortable.


Why am I sharing this? A few reasons, really.

First, I believe sharing real experiences — honestly and vulnerably — benefits everyone. I tend to be a private person, but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with the hope it helps others.

Second, many of my readers have a healthcare background. And I want them to know it’s okay to think differently, practice differently, and approach health and wellness differently. It may (and probably will) feel uncomfortable at first. You may encounter resistance, but that’s okay. You have evidence, intuition, and in time, experience to back you up. And you have me. I’m always here to help answer a question or provide support.

Bottomline: we need to change the direction of health in this country. The status quo just isn’t working — Americans are less healthy, happy, and well. If I can help people live healthier, happier, and sustainable lives, I’m doing something right.


What you can expect from my corner of the internet is actionable, evidence-based, sustainable wellness information delivered in an approachable way.

You can also expect more of a community — a safe, informative, and inspiring place for other holistic wellness lovers to hang out and explore.


Thank you for being a loyal supporter and reader. A Better Way Wellness would not exist without you.

Sending you love, light, and x’s and o’s,
Skye (your holistic healthcare friend)
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Try This, Not That: Healthy Swaps for Your Favorite Drinks

As detailed in last week’s Wellness Blast (Not signed up? Use this link to join), this month I am making a conscious effort to simplify.

Life. Food. Wellness. Movement.

And it got me thinking — what are simple switches you can make that will make you feel better and be healthier?

Ideas started FLOODING and so begins a multiple-week series devoted to healthy, simple, and delicious swaps for your favorite foods. This week is all about beverages! Be advised snacks, breakfasts, and desserts will be coming soon.

Instead of a Vanilla Latte . . . Try a Matcha Latte

If you indulge in a vanilla latte, my guess is you are jonesing for an energy boost and sweet sensation. Coffee, while delicious, can actually leave you feeling more tired later in the day. And the energy you get from coffee is often frenetic and not the type you truly want.

The swap? A matcha tea latte. This antioxidant-packed treat is a Japanese staple. It gives you controlled energy, without the late in the day low.

Three ingredients added to a blender (or stirred vigorously) is all you need. My easy matcha tea latte includes:
8 ounces of nut milk (almond is my favorite for the recipe), steamed
1/2 tsp matcha powder
10 drops of liquid chocolate stevia

Instead of a Caramel Macchiato . . . Try Organic Coffee + Natural Creamer + Maple Syrup or Honey

See above re: caffeine and sugar.

Instead, try organic coffee with a natural creamer. For sweetness, try Grade B maple syrup or honey.

Instead of 7-Up . . . Try Lime La Croix

If you are a sucker for 7-Up and love the combination of carbonation and citrus, I have excellent news for you. Lime La Croix! This flavored carbonated water is free of sugar, preservatives, calories, and artificial sweeteners.

Whole Foods sells these by the can so you can test one out before committing to a whole case.

Instead of a Chai Tea Latte . . . Try a Turmeric Latte

In college, my go-to drink was a chai tea latte (served steaming hot in the winter and over ice in the summer). It wasn’t until much, much, much later I realized everything IN those chai tea lattes. A grande chai tea latte from your favorite coffee shop contains MORE sugar than a Snicker’s bar. Eek!

Now I have found an amazing, spicy, wellness-enhancing substitute for my beloved chai. Say hello to the turmeric latte.

This super simple latte can be made at home in minutes. Imagine warmed almond milk, mood-boosting spices, and raw honey blended together with a little froth on top. Perfection.

I love these so much, I can’t stand the thought of not sharing these with you. If you are a chai-lover, you won’t be disappointed.

Instead of Premade Margarita Mix . . . Try My Margarita Cocktail

Store-bought drink mixes are notorious for three things: 1) being full of calories,  2) being more unnatural than Joan Rivers’ face, and 3) tasting gross. If you’re going to enjoy a drink, I say make the best drink you can.

Make your own margaritas! Really, it is quite simple. Want some inspiration? Check out my margarita cocktail recipe.

Instead of Drinking Water from a Plastic Water Bottle . . . Try a Glass or Stainless Steel Water Bottle

We could really talk about this for hours. Bottom line: plastics contain harmful endocrine disruptors that you should avoid. This is not hippie voodoo. There is strong scientific evidence to support this.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a reusable water bottle made from glass or stainless steel. My favorite glass bottles are from bkr. And I was recently gifted a Hydroflask I adore.

Instead of Diet Coke . . . Try La Cola La Croix

A simple switch for Diet Coke also comes from our friends at La Croix (no, I am not paid by them). Try their La Croix La Cola. Free of calories, sweeteners, and sodium. It has natural cola flavoring, sans sugar and carcinogens.

Take the Simple Switch Challenge

Pick one of these switches and trial it this week. Give it three tries before you make a final decision. If your palate is used to a regular Coke, it may take a time or two to get used to the natural flavor of La Croix La Cola. And if your tastebuds are expecting a chai tea latte, you may need to try the turmeric latte recipe a handful of times until it pleases your palate. That is perfectly normal, and actually a good thing. We are resetting your palate to enjoy healthier options that leave you feeling (and looking) great.

Loved this post? Stay tuned for next week!


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