So You Already Blew your Resolution . . . Now What?

92% percent of New Years goals fail by January 15. And maybe you’re a precocious case and have already had your resolution failure.

Now what?

Do you dive into a gallon of ice cream and burn your gym shoes?

Or do you treat yourself with a little grace and move forward?

I hope you choose grace and forward motion.

Slips happen. Ask anyone who has tried to quit smoking or give up sugar or delete their Facebook profile.

I’m going to let you in an a secret. Slips are NORMAL.

And no slip — no matter how bad — can undo all the good work you have done and will do.

So what if you resolved to go to the gym everyday this year and for whatever reason you didn’t yesterday? Don’t let that stop you from progressing on your ultimate goal (which is to really feel comfortable in your own body).

Transcend the negative and counterproductive black and white thinking. Remember you are human — you have great goals and ideals, but in some instances you miss the mark. Pick yourself up, move forward, and get yourself back on track at the next opportunity possible.

Resolved to avoid dessert, but succumbed to a pumpkin scone from the display case at Starbucks? No biggie. Learn from the slip — what made you slip? Do a little root cause analysis and try to solve the problem. And at your very next meal or snack, get back on track. Don’t throw the whole day, week, month, or year away because you slipped.

It’s not the slip that defines you and your success. It’s what you do AFTER the slip that dictates your success.

Whether you already messed up your resolution or will mess up, go forward in peace. Have some grace, learn from the slip, and get back on track ASAP.

With grace and love,