Skye's 5-Minute Fresh Blueberry Salad

Farmers Markets are in full swing right now.

Which you know, I adore.

All the fresh produce, music, and sunshine — it’s completely my jam.

That’s why last week I shared the post Expert Farmers Market Shoppers Always Do These Things.

And to celebrate the season — and one of my favorite berries — I am sharing a wellness boosting Farmers Market salad.

I adore berries — especially blueberries. In season blueberries are tough to beat and are one of nature’s special treats – sweet, juicy, full of beneficial nutrients.

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t care for a fresh and seasonal blueberry. Eat them plain as a light snack or dessert, add to smoothies for an extra boost, infuse them into lemonade for a summery refresher.

In terms of health benefits, blueberries are chock full -- anthocyanin, catechins, antioxidants (oh my!).

Remember my post on Eating Your Way to Calmness? Blueberries were featured.

And a great way to enjoy them is in freshly made salad!

This recipe was an unlikely discovery from a few years ago.

I had just flown back from a cross country speaking engagement and hadn’t been to the grocery store. Hungry and impatient, I wanted lunch immediately, if not sooner (I was verging on what my husband describes as hangry).

I looked in the fridge and only had a few supplies. Hmmm. Spinach. Blueberries. That, combined with my pantry staples, was enough to whip up something. I quickly chopped, stirred, and mixed.

When I sat to eat? Delicious! An accidental success (aren’t those the best kinds)? I liked it so much, I made it three days in a row.

The Recipe

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Happy eating,