10 Healthy Holiday Gifts (Most Under $20)

To be frank, I almost did not post this gift guide.

Because I’ve received a dozen of “gift guides” in the last few weeks that are either: (a) ill-disguised efforts to market a company’s own products, (b) completely out of touch with financial reality, or (c) full of ideas that will likely make the recipient feel worse (or worsen their health).

And I didn’t want to fill the inter webs with yet another useless gift guide.

So I decided to make a different gift guide. A healthy holiday guide with honest, affordable, and wellness boosting gift ideas.

Gifts you can give to your loved ones knowing you have their best at heart.

So to help you pick out the perfect somethings for your loved ones, I present A Better Way Wellness’ (authentic & affordable) Healthy Holiday guide.

FYI: I have no financial relationships with any of the companies in the list below. This is 100% my personal opinion and things I have (and will) buy again.

Angela Liddon, the culinary brain behind the popular blog and best selling cook book Oh She Glows, is at it again! And this book is wonderful. All the recipes are plant-based, well-tested, and easy to make. I’m already making the ice cream smoothie bowl recipe on repeat.

The chocolate makers at Theo mean serious business. They craft delicious, organic, fair trade chocolates at an extremely affordable price point.

Is chocolate healthy? Well, dark chocolate is. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and can lower blood pressure.

Theo’s holiday collection includes four full-sized bars of Peppermint Stick Dark Chocolate, Nutcracker Dark Chocolate, Cranberry Orange Dark Chocolate, and Gingerbread Milk Chocolate.

Dry brushing has a whole host of health benefits. Lymphatic system stimulation and cellulite removal, being two of them. Plus, it feels great.

This brush is the perfect size and firmness to really get your circulation going. New to dry brushing? Read more about it here.

Do your friends and family a favor, and get them on the dry brushing band wagon.

4. Kari Gran Lip Whip Peppermint Naked ($16 - 20% off until 12/11)

I have horribly dry lips. Especially in the winter. And it seems no lip balm is ever hydrating enough for me.

Until I was introduced to Kari Gran by the gals at the San Francisco Credo store.

This is the perfect present for men and women during the cold winter months. It is an incredibly emollient, colorless, lip balm. Kari Gran’s products are ALL NATURAL and contain the highest quality of ingredients. Plus it has peppermint essential oil to keep your breath feeling fresh.

And Credo is having an extremely rare sale this weekend. Use the code CredoLovesFriends for 20% off any purchase over $75.

You know I love matcha tea (I’m half Japanese . . . I can’t help it!). Especially because the caffeine boost you get from it is gentler on your adrenals than coffee and gives sustained energy.

Imagine the earthly flavor of matcha perfectly blended with refreshing blueberries. Sounds good, huh?

This blend is delicious served hot or cold.

It’s the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

Give the gift of peace of mind with the Buddhify app. You know what a strong proponent of meditation I am. Meditation helps people reduce stress, be present, and get better sleep in even the most busy of lifestyles. And think, you can give all this for the cost of a fancy coffee drink.

7. A Donation to a Cause Dear to Your Loved One

This isn’t a one size fits all gift. Think about your loved one. What gets them excited? Is it human rights, animal rights, or the environment?

Pick a cause near and dear to their hearts (not yours), and make a donation in their honor.

I know this sounds funny, but I am obsessed with my stainless steel tongue cleaner. I use it every day and HATE it when I forget it for travel.

If you have a tooth brush loving, gum obsessed, mouth freshener loved one, this will be a great gift.

9. BIG SPENDER ITEM: Vitamix G-Series Blender ($480)

If you have a major budget and want to make someone’s YEAR, then a Vitamix blender is the perfect gift.

They make smoothies smoother, soups creamier, and basically everything better. I’ve tried other blenders, but absolutely nothing compares.

Plus, every Vitamix blender has a 10 year warranty.

10. An eco friendly house cleaning.

Seriously. This is an incredible gift. Gift someone the time and peace of mind of a house cleaning session. Bonus points if the cleaning uses eco friendly supplies.

If you are in the Salt Lake City area, send me a message and I can share the name of a fantastic (and eco friendly) cleaner.

That’s it for my healthy and happy holiday gift guide. Did I miss something? Let me know and I’ll add it next year!

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