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the beliefs

Dr. Skye McKennon, BS, PharmD, RPh, BCPS, believes that most health issues that plague Americans can be prevented. Her 10 years of professional healthcare experience has revealed that simple, realistic, and evidence-based strategies can be employed that create and promote healthier and happier lives. She affirms that nourishment, movement, and mindfulness are the keys to health — that true wellness exists when all three are actively engaged. Her passion to share her experience is sincere and she is devoting her life’s work to helping others create lives imbued with wellness.

the experience & press

Skye brings a decade’s worth of clinical professional experience in healthcare, six years academic experience in education as a professor at the University of Washington and Utah, and three years movement experience as an American College of Sport’s Medicine group exercise instructor to A Better Way Wellness. Her professional expertise is respected and she has been interviewed and quoted in the New York Times, First for Women and Women's Health magazines, Prevention magazine and blog, and Reader’s Digest blog as well as a speaker at several national meetings. Additionally, she has authored three textbooks and multiple textbook chapters. Her research in preventative health has appeared in peer-reviewed journals. She is a member of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine and serves as a reviewer for Public Health, Pharmacotherapy, and other healthcare journals. Skye has designed and led group exercise regimens at several health studios, including one of the top in the Seattle area.  

the wellness philosophy

Skye’s wellness training has a foundation rooted in both the traditional and non-traditional. She completed her undergraduate (Bachelor’s in biological sciences), graduate (doctorate of pharmacy), and post-doctoral residency in traditional medicine. Her certifications, continuing education, and family roots are deep in preventative and non-traditional medicine. Her experience has shown that both approaches to medicine can work together in synergy to help promote wellness. Skye has found that non-traditional methods are often the most successful at preventing disease.

the difference

Skye understands there is deep mistrust and skepticism in the wellness industry — and often for good reason. Millions of dollars are spent by Americans each year on cleanses, pills, and protein powders that simply do not deliver upon their promises and, in many cases, cause harm. This is one of the reasons she believes in transparency and is dedicated to using an evidence-based approach to A Better Way Wellness. Her approach is real, sustainable, and results-oriented. Skye deeply cares about the health and wellness of others and her recommendations are founded on integrity.

the passion

Skye has an innate desire to learn and tirelessly seeks the truth. She believes in community, kindness, compassion, and sustainability. Known by friends and family to be the chef of food that tastes amazing, Skye makes sure her culinary creations are shockingly good for you. She is a firm devotee to self care so she can be her best for others.

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